Career Counselling and Life Coaching

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I deliver Coaching and Career Counselling via Skype, phone and email depending upon the preferences, location and package the client has purchased. I am able to be flexible to make services accessible to clients with disabilities or other needs.

For anyone needing a quick explaination of what Life Coaching is as opposed to Career Counselling, there are some cross-over points but many very distinct differences:

  • A Life Coach is a collaborative partner who works with you to achieve demonstrable improvements in your life. You are the expert in yourself and problems you want to leave behind, the Life Coach facilitates the conversation using practical and enlightening strategies they have learned through their training. They ask thought-provoking questions and assist clients by using various psychological strategies to undertake a journey to improved life experience or goal achievement. They help you achieve "Aha!" moments, enhanced self-esteem and confidence, higher self-efficacy, and to pin down and work towards your goals. A Life Coach works with clients who are not undergoing a mental health crisis (unlike a psychologist) but whose feelings about themselves and the world, or their position in life, could be improved. They assist you to become mindful of processes, like limiting beliefs (shoulds, can'ts, buts etc), that may be standing in the way of your happiness, finding your true purpose or achieving success. A Life Coach develops a rapport with you that allows them to call you to account if they're worried you're procrastinating or self-sabotaging on your way to a goal. They may take clients through a structured program involving homework, which extends the learning and growth outside of the paid hour.

  • A Career Counsellor is a supportive but practical and pragmatic professional who examines all facets of you as a person and as a professional ‘package’, helps you amplify your strengths and works with you on any issues interfering with your career achievement. This may include reasonable expectations given your current résumé, or the local labor market. They are a resource providing guidance on what career directions would make the most of your natural attributes, talents and your transferrable skills. They maintain up to date understanding of labor market trends and training options to ensure you are following a sustainable career track. They provide advice on job seeking methods most likely to lead to meeting with a decision-maker. They review your existing application material to ensure it isn't hampering your job seeking. Career Counsellors may use objective assessments to help narrow-down career potential for new job seekers or those considering a change in industry or role. They provide advice on improving your relationships with managers and coworkers to achieve greater happiness in your current role, or improve your chances of promotion. Those with knowledge of disability employment may advise on reasonable adjustments, equal opportunity legislation and accessing government funding for adjustments.

I believe in individualised services and can devise tailored packages with each client. I'm open to discussions about mixing and matching services to meet your needs.

My general hourly rate for Life Coaching and Career Counselling is a fair and standard $99.00 AUD including GST. For people on a disability pension or with other extenuating circumstances I may be willing to negotiate a lower price upon presentation of proof in the form of scanned documentation. Where relevant I follow up sessions with a summary email and / or homework for clients to consider or work on between appointments for optimal gain from my services. I am often required to undertake research outside of appointment times to ensure my advice is effective and up to date, so you can see that the fee covers more than just the time we are actually face-to-face. Please send me a brief message via the Contact page, and feel free to use the below button to make an appointment at your convenience.

Summer / Winter Coaching Packages

Jessamine Gibb

1hr of 1-on-1 Coaching plus written assessment with guidance and any relevant homework.(Additional sessions can be purchased at will for $99.00AUD inc GST).

Laser-focus coaching for when you know your goals and need some help to clarify how you will get there.

$165AUD / $125USD

Jessamine Gibb

With focus determined by your needs. Includes Kick-Starter plus 12 more weeks of 1-on-1 Coaching 1hr per week at a reduced hourly price.

Includes assistance to increase confidence, clarify goals, devise strategies and much, much more.

$1,220AUD / $930USD

Jessamine Gibb

13 hours of 1-on-1 Coaching PLUS unlimited emails with 24hr response on week days, and 48hr response on weekends (AEST).

Created with people who second-guess themselves in mind, so they are able to be slowly weaned off this behaviour while they become more self-confident and decisive.

$2,200AUD / $1,680USD

(All rates include GST)

Please click the below button and select free discovery call to have a no strings attached 15-30 minute conversation about your needs and how I can help.

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Chat Based Coaching for People on a Budget

Although all my packages are created to be financially accessible for people on an average salary, not everyone finds themselves all the time on a comfortable income and I firmly believe Coaching should not only be offered to the comfortably off. You may also want to try out Coaching with a low-risk option if you are concerned about making a bigger commitment straight away, especially if you have never tried Coaching before. At the moment I am offering text-based Coaching via a platform called The subjects I am offering Coaching in via this program include:

  • Self-Confidence

  • Positive Self-Talk

  • Gratitude

  • No Alcohol

  • No Drugs

  • No Addictive Behaviour (for non-substance based addictions / compulsions)

  • LGBT Pride

  • Disability Pride

As part of this service you will get daily / near daily text-based chats with me to discuss strategy to achieve your goals and recieve support when you are facing challenges. Calls can be booked via this service also for more intensive Coaching as you feel the need.

The platform for chatting can be accessed via the web or via iPhone and Android, providing your phone is compatible. To find the app look for in the relevant app store.

Click the button below to start your free 3 day trial . You can cancel if you find the service doesn't suit you during this time. If you decide to continue it is only $14.99USD per week to continue.

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Drug & Alcohol Recovery Coaching


A Master Life Coach and member of Recovery Coaches International with Certificates in Happiness, Goal Success and Life Purpose Coaching I also have many years of Case Management experience assisting people with substance use issues to enter the detoxification process, stay off drugs and alcohol as the first priority and then start turning their lives around to achieve their goals. My goal as Coach is always to help clients create a life worth living, where they develop strong self-esteem, and where working towards their dreams has higher value than the temporary comforts of indulging in drugs or alcohol.

I also have Certificates in front-line work with people affected by 'ice' (methamphetamine) delivered by The National Centre for Education and Training on Addiction (NCETA), which is based within the School of Medicine at Flinders University in South Australia. I have undertaken a great deal of other professional development you can find on my LinkedIn profile.

Additionally, I have a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Sociology during which I studied substance use across society, including not just controlled / illegal substances but also alcohol and other commonly used substances accepted within society.

It will also comfort some prospective clients to know I grew up in a community saturated by the use of illegal drugs and alcohol. I have experience of drug misuse myself, and also of seeing friends fall into very desperate times with their drug dependency. I know first-hand the difficulties of extracting yourself from environments where drug use is the norm, as well as the challenge of changing the way you view yourself so that sobriety becomes your new normal.

I have become aware of many high-priced operators entering the Recovery market and many sad stories about substance users and their families having to go into debt or sell assets to get help. Often this help is at retreats, which I'm sure are a great experience and help many, but anyone who has struggled with recovery knows that the challenge that lasts over time is being in an environment where tempatations remain after returning from a safe and secluded environment. As a heart-centred and values-focussed coach and community member I wanted to provide a flexible service that could meet users needs at every stage of recovery and adapt to become more and less responsive and react quickly to crisis - without breaking the bank.

As a multi-skilled professional with a holistic focus I can take you through everything besides that for which medical staff are required (e.g. inpatient detox and diagnosis of underlying conditions). Once you are on your feet I can also assist you with Career Counselling to prepare for getting back into the workforce if your addiction has robbed you of your professional standing. I am a Career Development Association of Australia recognised Career Counsellor as well as being a Recovery Coach.

Three Month Recovery Coaching Package

(Can be extended beyond 3 Months As Required)

Jessamine Gibb

Access to your Coach during business hours as availability is shown on the calendar - Unrestrained Access to Book Appointments Whenever Needed! Family members can participate also with client consent.

Crisis Access Via Phone up to 12am (AEST) if in Immediate Temptation!

$4,400AUD / $3,360USD

(All rates include GST)

Please click the below button and select free discovery call to have a no strings attached 15-30 minute conversation about your needs and how I can help.

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Résumé and Cover Letter Creation

Professional women

Exceptionally skilled people often lose out on the jobs they want because they lack résumé writing skills. It’s a little known fact that résumé writing is a specialist skill, which you of course can learn yourself with effort but it may not be the best use of your time or energy in this competitive job market. Hiring decision makers have very little time to consider applications and shortlist them for interview. As someone with not just extensive professional résumé writing experience, but also years of experience in a Management position myself, I know personally what decision makers are looking for in application materials and what will instantly put you on the “no” pile. Upon submission of any old copies of your résumé and a newly filled out Résumé Questionnaire, as well as example job ads, I can create a professional and modern document which will optimise your chances of gaining interviews. I can also create cover letters to accompany your other application documentation that help grab the employer or recruiters’ attention in that vital first 30 seconds.


  • Entry Level / Graduate Résumé of approximately 2 pages: $220 AUD
  • Professional or Management Résumé of approximately 3 pages: $330 AUD
  • Executive or Specialist Résumé of 3-4 pages: $385 AUD
  • Cover Letter of 1 page to accompany Résumé: $110 AUD (Available to clients at time of résumé ordering, or for clients who have ordered a previous résumé.)

These rates all include GST and cover one draft document and a final copy which will be based upon the information you provide, any research and questioning I undertake and final feedback you provide. Please make sure you provide as much relevant information as possible to make sure the final result is as effective as possible.

Please note: if you are in the US, or applying for jobs in the US, please rest assured your application material will be in in USA English, not Australian or British English (which this website is written in).

LinkedIn™ Profiles and Facebook™ Business Page Creation

professional women

In this era EVERYONE needs a digital presence and ‘brand’. Potential employers or customers should be able to search for your name or your business name and find you on the front page of Google. It is becoming extremely common for employers to do a search of all shortlisted candidates prior to making hiring decisons. Establishing a good online profile is often easier to do with a platform that already has good internet reach than with your own website, making LinkedIn™ and Facebook™ invaluable career and business tools at this time.

For personal LinkedIn™ Profiles the process will be very similar to Résumé Creation but $100 AUD plus GST will be added to the price of each level as the process for creating the profile is more complex and time consuming. You will have to also supply me with a good quality digital photograph of yourself which is both professional and friendly. To get best use out of the Profile once it is created you will have to go through and connect with other users on a regular basis, weekly as a guideline.

Many small businesses use Facebook™ as their major webpage and once it is set up you can create promotional posts to reach your market. For Facebook™ Business Pages I will need access to a username and password created in your name as well as good quality digital photographs that represent your products or services which you have ownership of, in addition to in-depth information about your business. You will then be able to regularly update your page once it is completed, and even set up paid advertising via Facebook™. Contact me for a quote.

***Visitors outside of Australia please check the exchange rate for Australian currency; you may find my prices even more inviting particularly if you are in the United States. The Australian dollar is almost always around 70c compared with the American dollar***