Refund Policy

Consumers are entitled to request a refund if the service or product does not function as described. For instance if you made an agreement with Achieve Counselling and Coaching for you to receive a specific service but you received something else you did not expect, or it did not meet your clearly stated needs as agreed before provision of the service.

At Achieve Counselling and Coaching we will request detailed information in writing or verbally about customer requirements to ensure client needs are met to the extent they have been described by the client. We are extremely reliant on the clarity of information delivered by clients to ensure products and services can be tailored to client requirements.

In the instance of products such as résumés at least one draft (i.e. a first draft) will be presented so any problems can be identified by the client and communicated to Achieve Counselling and Coaching for rectification. At time of completion customer requests will be applied to the document before it is saved as a final draft and delivered for a final time. If something went wrong in communication and there is a minor problem with the final draft the problem will be fixed at no additional charge.

All résumés and other application material are compiled by skilled and qualified writers and completed to the highest standards to promote the clients skills and abilities as effectively as possible. Achieve Counselling and Coaching will always strive to give your application the edge it requires but we cannot guarantee you will be the best qualified person for each role you apply for. We also cannot control third parties during the interview process; all we can do is increase your chances of being selected for interview by providing the best application materials possible.

If something goes wrong for you in the delivery of repeated services such as career counselling or life coaching please let us know as soon as possible if you are unhappy, to prevent the need for you to pursue a refund at a later date if you feel you were not delivered what you believe you agreed to. Achieve Counselling and Coaching will always endeavor to meet and exceed client expectations.

Please always consider any purchases carefully. Clients are not entitled to a refund where they have changed their mind about wanting the service or product, decided they did not like it in the end even though they received what they purchased as described, found a similar service or product for a cheaper price, or if they have decided that they do not need the product or service any more.

In the unlikely instance where a major unfixable problem is identified with Achieve Counselling and Coaching products and services any refunds will be delivered via the same method that payment was processed.

Please check out your rights on the ACCC’s website.