Privacy Policy

Achieve Counselling and Coaching operates under The Australian Sociological Association's Ethical Guidelines which requires all members to operate with a high level of professional ethics in all spheres of their business and to adhere to The Privacy Act. The Guidelines are not specific to the services Achieve Counselling & Coaching offers but as someone who has an academic background in Sociology, where personal information is also often collected and handled sensitively, being a member of this association and abiding my their Guidelines is useful for my business. There are no specific legal guidelines for Life Coaches or Career Counsellors written into law at this time, aside from the usual requirements of the Privacy Act.

Anything you share with Achieve Counselling and Coaching is strictly confidential and will never be shared with identifying information included. Your personal information (such as information shared in coaching sessions or contained on résumés) will only be shared with your written permission and only in service of you achieving your goals, for instance in the case of referral to other services with prior client consent.

No client information will be sold or otherwise distributed to third parties under any conditions, outside of where Achieve Counselling and Coaching may be aware of an opportunity for a client and has written permission from said client to share information. If any case histories are used in publications of any kind, which are not testimonials given by clients with names included, all names and any identifying information will be changed as much as possible to respect client privacy.

Testimonials provided to Achieve Counselling and Coaching for publication on public internet platforms and in print will be published only with the identifying information the client has chosen to provide. Achieve Counselling and Coaching will approach clients directly to request permission in writing where there is a need to share further information, and clients may always decline at their discretion.