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The Entrepreneur Launchpad eBook

I welcome you to download my new FREE eBook The Entrepreneur Launchpad. This eBook is perfect for people who are sick of the 9 to 5 but stuck on ideas to start their own business.

After reading this eBook you will have:

  • A better understanding of your key skills and weaknesses

  • Start up ideas for businesses or projects you can use to make money

  • Insights into career development theory and an easy assessment you could use with your clients if you are a coach

  • A clearer perspective on what aspects of business will be easy and hard for you as an individual

If you have any challenges after reading this book remember I do provide professional Life Coaching and Career Counselling services. Feel free to contact me for any additional help!

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Find out what your unique skills and personality has destined you to achieve!

Self-Love & Recovery from Bullying & Trauma Workbook

For many people who have been through bullying, abuse and trauma it often has lasting effects into their adult lives. But this doesn't have to be a life sentence.

This workbook will kickstart the process of recovery and self-exploration via the following simple steps:

  • Taking back your identity from labels and false self-image.

  • Overcoming limiting beliefs about what you can achieve.

  • Mastering emotional triggers using mindfulness.

  • Tools for evoking positive feelings.

  • Mastering positive thinking as a recovering pessimist.

I provide Life Coaching specialising in self-love, self esteem and confidence for people who have experienced bullying and other traumas so please feel free to contact me about these services once you have read the book.

Self-Love & Recovery Workbook

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Learn key skills to turn your life around once and for all!

Self-Love & Confidence Kick-Starter Email Course

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If nothing you ever do is quite good enough for you. If you sometimes still struggle with being embarrassed by your perceived shortcomings - instead of confident in your talents - then this program is for you.

I have created this email mini-course for people just like yourself who drive themselves towards high standards, with little personal regard and low self-care. You will receive valuable reminders and insights into improving your self-love, self-esteem, confidence and compassion. You will also receive a voucher for a massive reduction in cost for my Confidence & Self-Love video course.

The risks of failing to address low confidence and self-love are numerous and include:

  • Stifling your career; being unfulfilled and making less money than you should (whilst potentially working harder than your coworkers!)

  • Choosing poorly in relationships; allowing others to also treat you with little regard

  • Uneccessary worries and feelings of inadequacy that put your mental health at risk

  • Health complications caused by burnout due to overwork and perfectionism