What Can I Achieve For You?

Jessamine Gibb

I think my clients can express it best so I'll let them have the first word on the matter...

“Jessamine has been helping me work on the confidence to start a new business. We started slowly as she got to know me, and she tuned into where I was having some confidence issues, we talked about where they may have came from and she gave me some tools to use to feel like I can get started and move forward with my goals. During this time we also worked on some anxiety issues I was having as well. Jessamine gave me some ideas of how to handle the issues as they came up and how to try and start retraining my brain so I do not automatically default to my old patterns of thinking. I have totally loved working with her, and have her check in daily to keep me on track. I feel that I have made some really positive strides towards my goals with her help." - Michele

My clients are often sensitve and intelligent people, brimming with potential they yearn to discover but need some help to start the process. You might have had some negative early life experiences that have held you back, or suddenly found yourself in a situation you don't feel able to navigate alone. Many have big goals they start off not feeling confident they can achieve, or feeling they don't deserve to achieve them.

Due to your experiences or unique qualities you may have felt isolated and different from others. I often work with people with a history of chronic conditions, disability or lived experience of mental illness who have had difficulty in the past working effectively to meet their goals without experiencing burnout. I'm also able to work with people from all the colours of the LGBT+ rainbow community and I am well versed even in understanding little known aspects of the trans* experience. I welcome working with people to determine how they would like to come out, live an authentic life, stay safe and work out what forms of expression are comfortable and make you happy. I can't make diagnoses or prescribe anything but I can lend a confidential listening ear and help you determine what if any plans you might have for moving forward - and that can be a vital part of your journey of self-discovery if you cannot find acceptance and support locally at this time.

Due to my extensive skills in Life Coaching and Career Counselling I can deliver a holistic service that can take you from the very start of an idea and a low confidence state of mind all the way to planning and implementing to success, no matter what the goal may be!

Jessamine Gibb

I deliver Life Coaching, Drug & Alcohol Recovery Coaching and Career Counselling services via Skype™ and now also text-chat on Coach.me, allowing me to work with clients from all over the world on all kinds of budgets!

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Jessamine Gibb

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Jessamine Gibb

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Why Choose Me?

After over a decade paying my dues in career services and community services in Employment Consultant, Case Management and staff Management roles I am excited to work with clients truly on their terms. I have extensive experience helping clients overcome negative thinking, unhelpful social habits, drug and alcohol misuse, poor mental health management, low confidence and fear of failure, as well as fear of success. Having risen to the top of my field in a Management position with hiring responsibilities I also know first-hand what employers and recruiters are looking for.

As an unconventional person with a somewhat challenging life story, who loves tattoos and piercings, is creative, and a bit of a geek, I was able overcome any prejudices to gain the professional respect needed to get ahead, without compromising more of my uniqueness than I needed to. I maintained my personal integrity and high ethical standards whilst getting what I wanted from the corporate world.

My studies in Sociology and Life Coaching assist me to devise life hacks and positive social engineering strategies to get what I want out of life, and I can work with you to do the same. Now I have struck out on my own as an entrepreneur, helping people from all backgrounds by making use of my wide range of skills which include:

  • Drug and Alcohol Recovery Coaching that is affordable, tailored to your stage of recovery and flexes to your needs at different times.

  • Life Coaching in the area of happiness; recognising limiting beliefs that stop you from embracing the great things about being you!

  • Specialised Life Coaching to find your true purpose so you can create a life that is fulfilling and makes the most of your unique skills and talents.

  • Life Coaching in goal setting and achievement for clients who find it hard to fight fear blocks, self-doubt, procrastination and other barriers.

  • Chat based Coaching for people on a budget or looking to try Coaching out for the first time via the Coach.me platform.

  • Coaching and Career Counselling clients facing disability, medical conditions or injuries to renew life and career purpose when circumstances change.

  • Assisting clients in career transition; assessing people for new careers and providing advice on the longevity of industries.

  • Advising on necessary skills development, training for career progression and maintaining optimal value in an unstable job market.

  • Assisting clients wishing to find work and migrate to Australia; ensuring all contact with employers is in-step with Australian conventions.

  • Expert résumé and cover letter creation catered to job role and industry, and effective advice on submitting applications for maximum response.

  • LinkedIn™ profile and Facebook™ business page creation to assist with professional networking and internet marketing.

Among many more!

Check out some more reviews of my service!

"Jessamine was my coach for self confidence. She has been truly amazing in the help she has given me. When I first started I was not feeling good about my self as far as looks go. Jessamines exercises have raised my self confidence from a zero to a ten in a just a few short months. I highly recommend Jessamine as coach." - Mary

“I have found the coaching programme hugely beneficial. We spent a few days working on my limiting beliefs, self-doubt and the reasons behind my procrastination and by the following week I was up and running full steam ahead. Jess has the tools to help you overcome any doubt, lack of motivation, procrastination and the ability to encourage & support without being pushy and overwhelming." - Nicki

"What I absolutely loved about [Jessamine] was her practical and logical approach to issues. I'm a logical person myself so her ideas, suggestions and solutions really hit home with me. I'm especially grateful for her idea of using the cognitive method to deal with limiting thoughts and beliefs. Whereas I've unsuccessfully tried other methods before, this method just works. It works so well I wish I'd known about it sooner. It's shifted my whole perspective on how I perceive my thoughts and emotions and I'm now able to deal with them much, much better. It's exactly what I needed." - Bosibori

"I would definitely recommend Jessamine's services to anyone looking for help...With her professional experience in career counseling, mental health, and life coaching, Jessamine's services and spirit are one-of-a-kind!" - Amy

"[Y]ou spoke to me truly as an individual in a practical and more beneficial way for my personality type. This has been a great help in liberating the way I measure myself and has been quite a crucial stepping stone towards my returning to work." - Michael